A kitchen range with numerous qualities

They call the kitchen the “heart of the home” and it will be exactly that when you incorporate products from our extensive range into yours. No ripping out of old kitchen units or worktops is necessary as we reinvigorate them with our unique and spell-binding glass mosaics.

Nothing is beyond our capabilities as we are just as qualified at turning traditionally-styled kitchens into modern cooking areas, as we are at changing contemporary kitchens into cottage-like kitchenettes. 

Those who thought it was impossible to make your cabinets even more glamorous couldn’t be more wrong as we can give them beautiful waterfall ends, and we are even capable of extending your work surfaces. Added elegance is assured when choosing full-height glass mosaic splashbacks.

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  • Custom shapes, waterfall edges or a chunkier look

    Our work surfaces are notoriously slender, but if required we can give them a ‘chunkier’ look to your exact specifications, no matter how thick they need to be. We can also adapt them into up-to-the-minute waterfall ends by lengthening the edge piece down to the base plinth.

  • Weighing a fraction of the weight of natural or engineered stone

    You will be taken aback by how light our worktops feel; approximately two-thirds lighter than natural or engineered stone. They’re also much thinner in composition, yet still offer superb toughness and technical performance. Because of their slenderness they can easily be fitted over your existing work surfaces, causing minimum disruption to your household.

    The lightness of our work surfaces is a huge convenience for those who want to reinvent their current worktops in the quickest and best way possible.

  • Unbeatable technical performance guaranteed

    The secret behind the unparalleled technical performance provided by our granite, quartz and recycled work surfaces is a high grade polyester resin. These remarkable work surfaces are also extremely low-maintenance as they’re resistant to scratches and the removal of stains and spillages only necessitates a quick wipe.

    An exceptional level of heat resistance is also assured and such is the confidence we have in our work surfaces that we supply them with a lifetime warranty.